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October 16th, 2009 | Posted by Richard Hall in Water coolers

Many industries have the strangest of terms. In beverages, think semi-skimmed milk, FABs (flavoured alcoholic beverages) or point of use water coolers.

Bill Bruce wrote about cooler nomenclature on foodbev.com last week. He asked if there are more user friendly alternatives. My answer is a simple yes and here is what I would propose.

The current expressions for those machines that dispense chilled water from taps under large bottles are : home and office delivery, HOD, 5 gallon coolers, bulk water dispensers and bottled water coolers. Why not just ‘bottled coolers’ ?

And for similar machines that filter mains water instead of using bottles, we have : plumbed in coolers, mains fed coolers, point of use water coolers, point of use drinking water and no doubt more besides. Why not just ‘filter coolers’ ?

Wouldn’t simplest be coolest ?

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3 Responses

  • I would prefer an approach related to water – bottled water coolers and bottleless water coolers. I think this is the way the American market has gone and it makes the most senseRobert LaughtonThe Water Cooler Company

  • I’m agree to find a more friendly use of terms but in the sameway it’ld be a unique, clear, commons terms.
    So, I prefer bottled & bottleless water coolers.
    Also if it’s not finish yet the story about, but this is another question concerning our innovation.
    Francesco R Cervellin
    Vovo Srl

  • I like ‘bottled water coolers’ and ‘plumbed in water coolers’. Both terms are nice and descriptive, saying what it does on the tin.

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