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March 4th, 2011 | Posted by Richard Hall in Water

Trillions of gallons of virtual water are required for products that are traded between countries, bringing amazing disparities.

  • Despite its water challenges, Africa exports 25 trillion US gallons to Europe, far more than it imports.
  • Italy’s imports exceed exports by 13 trillion gallons, Europe’s largest trade deficit.
  • The United States is a major net exporter, including 29 trillion gallons to Asia.
  • Russia is so vast, it exports and imports relatively small amounts.

“To feed a growing population, experts say that water-use efficiency will need to double in the next 20 years,” according to National Geographic magazine.  I hope enough people of influence are subscribers.

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  • Jan Bender says:

    May I suggest a different perspective on Richards interesting note: With almost 1 mio gallons of water-equivalents required to produce just one cow, and comparable ratios for other types of meat, trading meat is a very efficient way of distributing water from areas drenched in water to dry and arid lands, just like e.g. relocation of aluminum-production effectively has become a way of transporting huge quantities of hydro-energy.
    The world is facing serious watershortages in some areas, but the shortages are not ubiquous. The focus should not just be to reduce water consumption, but also to relocate water-intensive food production to areas where water is readily available, in order to relieve the pressure on scarce water deposits in other areas where it isn’t.

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