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Can recycling record

November 7th, 2019 | Posted by Richard Hall in Richard Hall

Can recycling in Europe reached record levels in the latest annual statistics, an average 74.5% in 2017, up from 72.8% in 2016. I’m delighted.

• The total was 31 billion cans.

• They weighed 420,000 tonnes.

• 6 countries achieved rates of 95% or more:

99% Germany

98% Belgium, Finland, Norway

96% Luxembourg

95% Lithuania

• Recycling aluminium uses 95% less energy than new aluminium and produces 95% less greenhouse gas emissions.

• Good deposit return schemes are said to “generate the best results.”

• 6 countries achieved rates below 50%:

43% Latvia, Portugal

40% Czech Republic

38% Hungary

36% Romania

30% Malta

As the song goes, ‘Things Can Only Get Better.’

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