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Naming the trend – NOLO ?

June 25th, 2019 | Posted by Richard Hall in Richard Hall

The trend is clear. The name is not.

The trend is towards adult taste drinks with less or no alcohol. It’s there in:

• spirits, from 30% alcohol by volume sugar-free Smirnoff Infusions to distilled non-alcoholic Seedlip

• wines, from 9-10% alcohol by volume Barefoot Refresh to organic non-alcoholic Zéra

• beers, from 0.5% alcohol by volume BrewDog Nanny State to alcohol free Heineken 0.0. It’s also growing in soft drinks, such as:

• mixers from Fever-Tree to Coca-Cola Signature

• cordials from Bottlegreen to Robinsons Fruit Creations • carbonates from Purdey’s multivitamin juice drink to South Africa’s The Duchess non-alcoholic gin and tonic

• plus kombucha and so much more. So, what should the category be called ? Is it

• Alcohol-free ?

• Zero alcohol ?

• Zero proof ?

• Non-alcoholic drinks ?

• Adult drinks ?

• Adult soft drinks ?

• Craft soft drinks ?

• Low and no alcohol ?

These names all represent different aspects, with different limitations. How about NOLO ? It’s terrible, but it might work. It’s short and embraces the full spectrum. I’d be interested in other views.

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