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Plant-based packaging promise

February 19th, 2019 | Posted by Richard Hall in Richard Hall

Welcome news to learn of the new US Plant Based Products Council.

Certainly, it will be helpful to combine expertise on opportunities for bio-sourced materials.

The Council has already launched an online database covering 480 different plant-based products currently on the market, with a commitment to expand its coverage as new products are developed.

Also of interest is a survey undertaken by the Council in August 2018. Among US millennial consumers:

• 90% have favourable views of bioplastic when explained, with just 13% so far ‘very familiar’ with bioplastic.

• 60% are surprised by the apparent lack of alternatives to plastic.

• 48% feel guilty about their use of plastic, compared with 33% for paper, 31% for water and 19% for the amount they drive.

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