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August 26th, 2010 | Posted by Richard Hall in Dairy

So, the holiday season is coming to an end. What did you discover while you were away?

I’ve always been curious about contrasting food and drink combinations, such as hot with cold or sweet with sour. Cheese with fruit offers a whole range of options.
In England, Cheddar cheese has been popular with apples for generations. But in Turkey last week, I encountered a very simple dish to rival the Italian tradition of mozzarella with tomatoes.
It was a local feta type cheese with watermelon. I asked around the office to see if others were already familiar with this and if I was the last to hear. It seems not. Do try it. I believe you will be well rewarded.
More so, perhaps, than the idea of combining cream cheese with orange juice in a drink. Which Kirin and Tropicana have just done in Japan. But then again, what sounds quirky may actually taste amazing and turn out to be a big hit, especially in Japan. 

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